A collaboration between Andy Enness and Yuri Sin, Lite Year offers timeless, quality clothing influenced by American Sports and Workwear. Crafted primarily using Italian, Japanese and American fabrics selected for their utility and quality. Designed and made with sturdy finishes to be worn daily and wear well over time.

We manufacture in low quantities with crafts people who care and are passionate about their craft. We've built close relationships with those we work with. We operate on a "made to order" basis for our retail partners and we make a small amount of inventory for our website. Everything is made in limited edition batches. We mean really limited edition, we might make less then a handful of some items. We do not impose quantity minimums with our retailers. We do not overproduce and we aim to reduce waste in our processes.

Lite Year is a personal project and a representation of our lives working and collaborating alongside of each other. We met in 2010 and worked together for five years before parting ways to work on separate projects and coming back together in 2020. Lite Year represents both male and female perspectives and pulls from our varied backgrounds and experiences. Before Lite Year, we spent our careers working with Adidas, Common Projects, Calvin Klein and Needles among many others. This is our passion and we're honored to share it with you.

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