Oskar Mann

Oskar Mann

Oskar Mann

I reached out to DJ / producer extraordinaire and the man behind everyone’s favorite jazz inspired brand Book Works with some questions.⠀

First, tell me me who you are, where you're from, where you currently live and what you do for work.

My name is Oskar Mann. I'm a Pisces and I like long walks on the beach...I was born in Melbourne, Australia, but grew up in NYC, having moved here when I was 10 years old (26 years ago, sheesh). I currently live in downtown NYC with my wife Annabelle. ⠀

I know music has played a big part in your life. Do you remember a specific song / record that made you realize your love for music?⠀

Ooh, I can't remember a specific tune or record..I grew up spending a lot of time in my families record shop and both my parents had distinctive relationships to music which contributed towards me gravitating towards it as a form of expression. ⠀

You launched Book Works back in 2017 with your partner Martin Davis. What's its been like owning and running an independent brand over the years?⠀

I like to think of it as a band (take the r out of brand and you've got a band). There are a lot of amazing people who 'play' in this band - and I feel incredibly lucky to learn and grow with them.

Do you remember the first graphic / garment that was designed for Book Works and do you have it in your possession?⠀

I guess technically the 'OG Logo' was the first graphic - which Joe Garvey helped us with - shout out to Joe / first tees were Wes, Sonny and Deodato - and I have all three.

Unfortunately not many physical record stores exist these days in New York City. However for the few that do still exist, which are your favorite to visit and support?⠀

My favorite record stores in the city have all closed down over the years and in addition I'm not buying records like I used to. I like to support friend's who are recording and releasing music.⠀

Your house is burning and you can only take 5 records from you collection. Which 5 are you taking?

My house is burning down?! Eesh! I'd grab any copies I could find of The Book Works Trio EP ;) But if I can only take 5 records...like everything there are different ways of measuring 'value' and what comes to mind are how certain records came to be on my shelves...There are a handful of records my grandfather put out which mean a great deal to me.