Joe Garvey

Joe Garvey

Joe Garvey
Our newest interview is with visual artist and one half the New York based clothing brand Groveland, @joegarvey_
Start off by telling me who you are, where you’re from / currently live and what you do for work.⠀

Hello my name is Joe Garvey. I was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. I am a visual artist based in New York City.

What was it like growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota and what do you miss about the city?

I grew up next to a small liberal arts college and spent a lot of time skateboarding and hanging out on the campus, which exposed me to a lot of cultures that really shaped who I am today. Our alley was next to the loading dock for the fine arts building and I remember always going through their dumpster where all the students failed projects would end up. ⠀

The music scene in Twin Cities is also super strong, I spent so many nights at First Ave and other venues, I spent my 16th birthday seeing Outkast perform during their Aquemini tour. ⠀

Minnesota is a beautiful part of the country and I love spending time there but I definitely miss my family the most…because with out family it’s not a home, it’s just a place.

Last year you had your first solo show in New York City at Galerie Michael Bargo. What was that experience like for you and can we expect another solo show in the near future?

It was great, Michael truly is the best, he has been so supportive of my work over the last few years and I am very fortunate to show work in his space. ⠀

No plans for another solo show as of now but I have a small photo book coming out in the next couple of weeks that I’m excited about, it’s photos from a 3 week trip to Australia that I took earlier this year with my parents and my wife.

You and Mac Huelster launched the brand Groveland last year. Prior to that you periodically released a mix of apparel and hard goods under your name. What's it been like working with one of your good friends on this brand and what does it mean to you?

Mac and I grew up on the same block and I’ve known him for basically my whole life so working together is pretty fluid. Making clothes is a fun outlet for me. I don’t apply the same level of critique to clothing that I do for my art practice so it flows a bit easier. We also don’t operate to make money so that informs what we make, it’s really about making what we like and trying to communicate our aesthetic interests to a broader audience.

I know you're an avid runner, have you been keeping up with any sort of training regimen during these weird times?

I can’t stress how fortunate I feel to have a house upstate. My wife and I have been camped out up here since early March, so getting miles in has been incredibly easy. Right now I am trying to run at least 4 miles a day for the month of May.⠀

Do you prefer listening to music, a podcast or the sounds of the neighborhoods when running?⠀

I used to run to music but a couple years ago I stopped…I wanted to kind of use it more as a meditation. However I end up thinking about stuff I’m working on and problem solve any aspects of projects I have going.